Custom Lifts and Automation

This is where Activated Decor Inc. really shines.  Whenever we get to work with a customer on a custom piece of automation we excel at what we do best, design, build and execute on time and on budget.

When you have an application where an “off the shelf” lift simply won’t work then you need to reach out to us and talk to us about how we can help.

We have a fully staffed Machine shop and Weld fab shop complete with Plasma Cutter also on staff are two electrical Technicians/Engineer.



Examples of Automation:

  • Sliding bookcase to reveal exit door
  • Sliding mirrored wall over kitchen island as room divider
  • Raising a safe through the floor
  • Articulating a TV out from behind a closet door
  • Spinning a TV from Landscape to Portrait
  • Articulating a TV out from inside a bookcase
  • Courthouse Video Conferencing Camera lift systems for Judges
  • Automatically spinning TV’s when motion sensor activated to engage customer
  • Articulating TV deployment system down from boat house to boat, powder coated




Bobby Welding a Bracket


Marine Application, powder coated white


Custom rotating lift installed in attic


Plasma cut x-bars and lid supports

Product Documents

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