Over the last 15 years we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions. This doesn’t mean though we have answered all of them so if you have one you don’t see on the list please take a moment to reach out to us as we will be happy to address any question or concern you may have. 

You can refer to our lift section to see the various models available to you. We do however encourage you though to talk/write to us about your particular lift application. Why? As we have learned over time most of the time the lift needed for the job is obvious but there are times where it is not and that’s where we want to be 100% sure you are getting the right equipment for your particular application.

Yes, using the HAND HELD PROGRAMMER, (which included) you can set the upper and lower travel limits. Once set your lift will travel between the set points you programmed. Store the programmer for possible use at a later date.

No, not at all. All the lifts come with a UNIVERSAL MOUNTING systems that is fully adjustable, therefore able to accept any bolt pattern found on the back of your FLAT PANEL TV, be it Plasma or LCD, curved or flat.

Yes you may have notices folks advertising lifts for really low prices!! Well like everything else in life the buyer should to be aware!! Most times if they are aggressively priced they are likely not carrying the following;

Descent warranties

Lid support systems

Limited control options

No ability to rotate either manually or automatic

No ability to lower down from a ceiling

We are fortunate enough to be able to make most the parts that go into our lifts, we do bring over a couple components from Europe but that’s it. 

No. Although Plasma and LCD are by far the most commonly used TV’s , we can, with the correct configuration, lift not only regular TV’s but Bar’s,  Beds, Wood boxes, etc. this we leave to your imagination!!

We have available to our customers 4 different methods of activating the lift.

RF or Radio Frequency, is very much like a garage door opener. It is not line-of-sight which means the signal will travel through walls and you need not point it at the TV to make it work.

IR or Infra-Red works like the remote control on your TV, it is line-of-sight and it needs to be pointed at our receiver. When this option is ordered you get the receiver and then you need to program your Universal remote Control to LEARN the “codes” that operate the lift. For this you can refer to our “Installers Corner” for detailed instructions.

LV or Low Voltage, all our lifts come standard with this option. The LV option is commonly used with Home Automation Systems such as Crestron, AMX and Control 4 to name a few. You simply assign a set of contacts to OPEN and CLOSE causing the lift to go up/down.

LS or Load Sensor, this option allows you to activate the lift through the operation of your TV. If the TV is turn ON the lift goes up, when turned OFF the lift goes down.

RS232- That’s right if you need the RS232 protocol for your communication that is no problem, talk to us about it at time of order.

A very important point we take very seriously.

All our lifts come standard with a “FLOATING-LID” mechanism.

The purpose and operation of this systems is as follows.

In an application where there is a LID attached to the top of the lift, i.e. cabinet, half wall etc the “LID” rides on the Floating Lid Mechanism. If someone’s hands are in the way of the lid as it is being retracted to the close position the Floating Lid will disengage the lid from the lift as it continues to travel downwards, refer to the Technical Drawings for details.

This doesn’t mean it may not hurt as you will be bearing the weight of the lid, 10-20 lbs. or whatever the case may be. It simply means you will not have the driving force of a motor coming down on your hand. Slip your hand out and gravity will place the lid back in place.

We want to make clear to our customers that the intellaLIFT is NOT a toy and is to be used responsibly and with common sense and care.

ALWAYS observe the lift prior to operating to ensure that no person is in the way so as not to possibly cause them any harm.

As we manufacture our lifts that Is no problem!! Simply specify the voltage required, 220 VAC or other at time of ordering.

Our lifts have a 10% duty cycle. This means if the lift takes 5 seconds to go up,

5 sec x 10 = 50 seconds, you should wait 50 seconds before driving it down. If you stay within the 10% duty cycle of the lift, although we don’t recommend it, you can operate it all day long.

All our products have a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

As we are still setting up the North American distribution channels and not all states and provinces have yet been covered therefore you are able to purchase directly from us.

Currently we are shipping from the Eastern and Western coasts of the United Sates as well as Ontario in Canada.

We ship world wide.

As for delivery times they vary from stock to 4 weeks, depending on the model TV LIFT ordered.

Actually two ways, you can call us directly at 1-877-543-8711 we would love to hear from you!! Alternatively you can email us at, with your contact information and we will email and or call you back.

We are always thrilled to sell to our customers, both high profile and not. Some of the high profile customers are listed here