Drop Down TV Lifts 40" - 110"

Choose The Matrix drop down TV lift from Activated Decor, the original Canadian manufacturer of high quality, automatic drop down tv lifts. The Matrix is designed for greater travel distances, attic installs and TVs 40″ to 110″ in size. Features automatic rotation (R) for multiple viewing angles and vertical tilt

The MATRIX Drop Down TV Lift

Want to impress your guests with a drop down TV lift? Maybe you need to save space, or do not want to cover up a beautiful view with a television. Whatever the case, Activated Decor’s MATRIX drop down TV lifts can provide the solution. Our drop down TV lifts don’t use cables, pulleys, or rack and pinion lift mechanisms — which can cause damaging jitters. Our robotic drop down TV lifts are quiet and smooth, and have programmable upper and lower limits with both automatic and manual swivel options to rotate a full 360 degrees, as well as a tilt option to position the TV at the perfect angle for optimized viewing.


  • Lower the TV from the attic or out of the ceiling
  • Ideal of 40″ – 110″ TVs
  • Programmable drop down heights
  • Customizable Tilt and Rotation options
  • Quietest drop down lift on the market
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