Philippe Entertainment Unit

The bold curves of this Louis Philippe inspired Collection make this set an eye catching creation sure to capture the attention of your guests. Available in Maple, Oak, Cherry and Wormy Maple with your choice of stains.



AD-PL72 for 72″ HDTV Lift Console
AD-P460 for Philippe 4/Pc Wall Unit
AD-PHD60 for Philippe HDTV Console
AD-PHD74 for Philippe HDTV Console
AD-PHD74H for Philippe HDTV Console With Hutch
AD-PHD74F for Philippe HDTV Fireplace Console
AD-PHD84H for Philippe HDTV Console With Hutch
AD-PHD84 for Philippe HDTV Console
AD-P400 for Philippe 4/Pc Wall System

Custom Materials:

Maple, Oak, Cherry, Wormy Maple

Custom Stain & Finishes:

see stain samples based on wood type


AD-PL72: 72w x 35h x 20d Inches.
AD-P460: 111w x 84.25h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD60: 62w x 30h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD74: 74w x 30h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD74H: 74w x 80h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD74F: 74w x 33.5h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD84H: 84w x 80h x 20d Inches.
AD-PHD84: 84w x 30h x 20d Inches.
AD-P400: 114w x 82h x 23d Inches.


10 Years Limited Warranty on any Construction Defects.

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