M-Series M-250 R Pop Up TV Lift

The M-Series M-250 is our automatic pop up tv lift designed for TV’s 24″-40″ and features automatic up/down action with automatic rotation.  Where others have failed we have excelled! Our Fully Automatic Rotation (R) feature is the most common way of servicing two or more viewing areas for your TV. Using an additional motor to provide the automatic rotation and encoder sensors we are able to provide you with the following:

  1. 4 user programmable viewing positions
  2. Can go from any viewing position to the stowed position with one (1) command
  3. Ability to jog the unit clockwise or counter clockwise
  4. Clear to rotate permission, will not allow rotation until the TV is clear of obstacles or ceiling line


  • Telescoping Lift Technology
  • Motorized 360° Rotation with 4 Programmable Positions
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Engineered to Last
  • Ideal for 24″ to 40″ TVs
  • Commercial Grade Product
  • 5 Year Warranty



Motorized 360° Rotation


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