How to choose the best Tv Lift

Like most things today when you purchase your TV lift it will be done online. Though this has many advantages it does carry some inherent disadvantages. The purpose of this article is to bridge the gap between buying the best TV lift online and in person.

Things to consider when buying a TV LIFT SYETM.

The Application On Hand

If you are lowering, your TV Lift from above or raising your TV from either inside a cabinet or a floor you want to make certain the TV lift was designed specifically for the job.

Forward and Backward compatibility

This means you want to make certain that if down the road you change your mind of the functionality of the TV lift you can easily remove or add certain feature’s. For instance, you may at first purchase a straightforward UP, Down TV lift and then later realize this TV lift would work better if you were able to rotate the TV. Not having to purchase a whole new system but instead simply buy the rotation adder.


You will want to make sure the company you are working with has options to offer. If they are a one SKU company, they may tend to point you into the direction of purchasing only what they have to offer and sometimes that’s not the best choice for your application.

Hardware and Controls

Again, here flexibility from your supplier is essential.


1st and foremost if the TV lift is going into a cabinet make certain your lift comes with the hardware necessary to interface with the cabinet lid whether its flipping, sliding or floating.


Also, though when you order you may be certain of the controls you wish to use having the ability to change your mind once you receive the lift sure does come in handy!! Whether its RS232, IR, LV or RF the control options should be there.