Automatic TV Lifts & Motorized TV Lift Furniture

Why Choose Us:

If we were to set out and try to summarize in one word why to choose us it would have to be; HORSEPOWER.   Horsepower is not normally used when describing furniture or even a TV lift, so allow us to explain the horsepower behind the product we are offering you today.

A motorized TV cabinet is made up of two key parts: the lift system and the cabinet.

We will speak to each of these two parts of the end product.


Unless we are the first webpage you landed on, you will have probably seen some amazing, and seemingly unreal deals available for TV lifts or pop-up tv cabinets on the market today. We strongly suggest you ask your potential lift/cabinet suppliers the following questions so you can learn first hand and not just take our word for it why you should choose us.


1) Where is the lift manufactured that you are selling me?
Our experience tells us if you are looking at a lift system that costs $500-$700.00 it has been made overseas, most likely China.  Forget about buying this lift if you are looking for something that will last more than 1-2 years let alone 5-20 years. FYI: Ours are made by us here and not over seas. Over the last 10 years we have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in our SMARTBOX technology along with countless hours of Electrical Engineering and system de-bugging so that when you receive our product you TRULY have peace of mind that this product is going to last for a very long time. 
2) What do I attach my TV to?
3) What is the Warranty?

The Cabinet

Like mentioned above, again here when it comes to the Cabinet portion of the equation we encourage you to ask your potential cabinet supplier some real important questions.


1) What material is the cabinet made of ?

You will hear Maple, Oak or a wide variety of wood types, and in all likelihood they are indeed supplying the Maple, Oak or whatever other wood is being offered, only problem is it’s typically a “VENEER”. At the time of writing this page (May-2013)  we are not aware of anyone in North America, or even China offering solid wood automated television furniture. 


You are about to invest in a fine piece of furniture, you don’t want it coming apart because you moved it from its original room to another room in your home or you moved homes or because the humidity in your geographical location fluctuates through the year.


Our cabinets are truly fine pieces of furniture; hand crafted, one at a time, kiln dried hardwoods, and all put together by true Mennonite artisans. With work ethics and pride in their workmanship second to none the Mennonites that we work with produce pieces of art  that you will hand down through your family. This is truly an investment, not a throw away!!

2) Where are the Cabinets made?

How will you support me post-purchase?

You may be wondering, I know you say you have a warranty but what does that actually mean? What will happen if ever something was to go wrong? My lift stopped working, how long or better yet, can you still get a replacement for me? My cabinet door or lid was damaged in the move and I need to replace it, can you help me? Can you make me a new lid to match the damaged one? I want to add another piece of furniture that is not a TV lift cabinet to compliment my room can you help?

We can’t speak for others but we can certainly speak for ourselves!!

We have the HORSEPOWER to assist you at whatever level you need us at.

We make our own lifts, we don’t re-package someone else’s, we are in the two Mennonite owned and run furniture manufacturing facilities almost on a daily basis to not only to assist in the process but more importantly to be your eyes and ears creation of your piece of furniture.  

We look forward to being of service to you, for you will surely then….

  • enjoy a timeless piece of furniture
  • enjoy the peace of mind
  • enjoy the cool wow factor
  • enjoy enhancing your decor
  • enjoy solving a possible décor problem
  • enjoy modern home automation technology at its best
  • enjoy the whole experience at an affordable price

Take a moment and watch our “THIS IS WHAT WE DO” video and watch the magic happen!!

When your receive your furniture not only will you be proud of it but we believe this will be a reflection to your friends and family of your discerning taste in the finer things in life.